About me

Hi, my name is Joris van de Sande.

Screenshot of Digger From the moment that I was born in 1983, I have always been interested in technology. My first experience with a PC was back in 1991 when my parents bought their first PC (based on an Intel 80286 processor). In these days I used the computer to play games like Tetris, Digger and Space Invaders and to create documents in Word Perfect 5.1 (for DOS).

Fast forward a few years (I think it must be 1996) and I was playing around with DBase III databases. A couple of months later my dad learned me how to interact with the DBase databases via the programming language Clipper and how to create a simple user interface with it. After some time my first useful program called "Taal" (which means "Language" in Dutch) was born. I used it to learn foreign languages like English and German.

PHP Logo In 1999 I created a simple HTML website for my group of friends, to let the world know about our existence. That was one of my first experiences with building websites. One year later I redesigned the website (with Dreamweaver) and I wanted the website to be more interactive, so I stumbled upon PHP (version 3.x at that time) and started writing PHP scripts. Soon a MySql database was in use too.

Software Design gone Wrong
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A couple of years, programs and websites later I went to college and I received my bachelor degree in Computer Science in 2005. In November 2005, I started working as a Web developer at Prezent Internet. I am responsible for the architecture of most web applications that are build by Prezent Internet until 2012.

Today I work as a web developer at Freshheads. Besides that I spend my days coding (PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and MySql), teaching my colleagues about software design and object oriented programming.

When I have some spare time I like to listen to music, watch (action) movies or one of my favorite TV series (Numb3rs, NCIS and House), drink some beer with my friends, visit a dance festival, browse the Internet for interesting (open source) projects and other stuff that I am interested in, play with different operating systems and I like programming.